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Resources for the Oneness Community
Below are resources and services to assist you in your explorations. 

Sri Bhagavan

Enjoy the Weekly
Live Webcasts
by Sri Bhagavan

Saturday at 10PM - IST
Sunday at 10AM - IST
[Indian Standard Time]

IST is 10.5 hrs ahead of EST

EST Equivalents:

Both Webcasts Occur
on Saturday at
11:30 AM - morning
11:30 PM - evening

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Local Resources - NC
Asheville Oneness Community   Discover the Asheville Oneness community.

Boone Oneness Community   Discover the Oneness community in and around Boone.

Chapel Hill Oneness Commuity  
Discover the Chapel Hill Oneness community.

Winston-Salem Oneness Community   Discover Winston-Salem's Oneness community
Global Resources
Oneness University  

Oneness University can help you become part of the Oneness community from any state or country.  If you are a real warrior, they also have a 28-day deepening class in India.

If you are not from the Triangle Area: Click here to find Trainers & Blessing Givers in your area. 
Triangle-area residents, click here.

Oneness University TV   The Oneness University Channel offers a wide selection of videos on such topics as Oneness Meditation, the Oneness Experience, the Miracles of Oneness, teachings and much more.

World Oneness Community   The World Oneness Community website is a worldwide networking resource for “deeksha givers” and anyone who is interested in Oneness.

It is a great resource for the latest news and events. After becoming a member at the site, it is recommended that you join Oneness Massachusetts (and perhaps Oneness East and Oneness Northeast).
Selected Oneness Communities Across the USA
Colorado Oneness Community   News from the Colorado Oneness community.

Florida Oneness Community   News from the Florida Oneness community.

Florida Oneness Community   News from the Kansas Oneness community.

New Mexico Onesness Community   News from the New Mexico Oneness community.

Oklahoma Oneness Community   News from the Oklahoma Oneness community.

Austin, TX Oneness Community   News from the Austin, Texas Oneness community.

Dallas-Fort Worth Oneness Community   News from the Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas Oneness community.

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